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Raising Responsible Global Citizens

Why are international partnerships crucial to our future?

International School Partner

The number of students in the Asia–Pacific moving overseas for their university education almost doubled between 1999 and 2009. In India alone the number of students going abroad increased 3 and a 1/2 times by 2009. International education only happened when students physically moved across borders to study in a foreign country. The new wave of globalization includes physical movement of teachers and managements across borders and establishing international liaisons with schools from different countries.

building togetherSince 2003 there has been a growing and palpable sense of urgency and need for international liaisons. The salience of international partnerships was realized due to the altered conditions resulting from the international conflict after September 11, 2001 and pushing global thinkers to reinforce Globalized Education System.

International academic partnerships are therefore essential to grow and develop a well-rounded future citizen as they are still being shaped and molded. The schools are no longer just knowledge centers but are required to act as bridges to the world pairing students to their academic partners across the world to engage in understanding and  developing mutual respect for each other. 

For education institutions in any country such as India, building liaisons with education institutions abroad can increase the quality of international education and awareness at all grades. High quality partnerships for academic institutions with faculties and institutions abroad are in the broad interest of educationists as it helps build relationships with countries around the globe. However, finding global education partnerships is not always easy, mutual, or appreciated.


International School Partnership Program (ISPP) helps schools across the nation find international partners and facilitates global partnerships, encouraging Global Citizenships for all. To know more please use the form below.


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